A small sign on the road announced Chubo's Dawg House had set up shop somewhere in the plaza that serves as a home to Tan's Asian Cafe, Esposito's, and the Brooma Grill.  I cruised the parking lot looking for the food truck and pulled a u-turn.  I could not find Chubo's Dawg House and parked.  A guy was watering some plants out front of the garden center and he directed me to the back where   Chubo's Dawg House had set up shop.   He told me to walk along the side and it would be sitting in the corner.  I thanked him and made the short walk around back.

Passing large clay pots I caught a glimpse of the squat white food trailer. Chubo's was written on the side in red along with a cartoon of a smiling dachshund wearing a hot dog bun.  A small tow-behind smoker stood near the trailer.  Several people waited on the side.  I approached the window and was met by a smiling man wearing a light orange shirt.  I asked him what he recommended, and he said their pulled pork sandwich could not be beat.  I took him up on his suggestion and ordered one with a side of fries.

While working in the kitchen Chuck chatted.  He told me he was operating Chubo's Dawg House on his own and had recently moved to  Capital Circle NW after being located on North Monroe Street.  It was now a one man show and I watched him work the griddle, drop fires, and get orders out to his customers. The area behind the garden center was shaded I appreciated not having to stand around in the sun.

Soon it was my turn.  I chatted with a friend and watched as a portion of pulled pork was slid into the microwave.  I should have known I was going to be getting reheated pork when I noticed the smoker was not puffing away, By then it was too late, and I patiently waited for my lunch.  Soon I was handed a take-out box from Chuck.

I thanked him and strolled over to a large wooden spool and set the box on top.  The pork sandwich occupied the top right corner of the box.  The bun was buttered and had spent some time on the griddle before being piled with pulled pork.  Rather than the sauce being served on the side, the pork was slathered in a bright orange sauce.  I slapped the sandwich together and took a bite.  The pork was moist and I detected a hint of smokiness.  The sauce was tangy and mustard based.  Unfortunately,  the sauce overpowered the sandwich.  It also bore a striking resemblance to Cattlemen's Master's Reserve Carolina Gold.  As for the side, the french fries were piping hot and well seasoned.  I also appreciated the small container of ketchup which beats individual packets.

My lunch from Chubo's Dawg House was good.  The service was friendly and you could tell the owner took pride in the product he was putting out the door.  I would give Chubo's another shot.  The burgers I saw two of the other patrons eating looked very good.  If I get the pulled pork again, I will remember to ask for the sauce on the side.  One last thing, Chubo's Dawg House accepts Visa and MasterCard so you don't have to worry about hitting an ATM before dropping by.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B-
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $