Some Thoughts Without Interruption

By: Robin Safley
By: Robin Safley

Some thoughts without interruption:


I’m just saying, what happened to consequences!  Last time I looked consequences are a large part of learning.


What happened to embracing the struggle knowing that you will survive, with hard work, perseverance and faith?


Life is not fair, I can’t make it fair, you can’t make it fair and Government can’t make it fair. 


Whining never solved anything.


No one gets out of this world without pain, struggle, and challenges….the question is how are you going to face them.


Why do we think that going to college ensures a quality life?  Why haven’t we truly embraced the core trades that will always be needed…roofing, plumbing, painting, carpentry.  The bigger lesson we should stress is that whatever you do…Do it well!!!


Why have we confused compassion with enabling?  In a relationship where one person is an addict and the other person gives them the money to buy the drugs or keeps bailing them out…No one gets help.  An addict is an addict until they decide not to be.


Money is not always the answer. 


Everyone who is remotely capable of working… should work….some kind of work.


Everyone should pay Federal Income taxes no matter how much or little they make.  It shows you’re part of the team. 


We all make mistakes; the real issue is how often you make the same mistake.  Programs that have been created to help are often abused by individuals not willing to learn, grow and change the behaviors that led them to need assistance.


There are always going to be injustices in this world.  Every wrong cannot be corrected.


Sometimes the best help is letting someone pick themselves up all by themselves… lasts a lifetime. 


Do your part …raise your children…make difficult decisions…be disciplined…exercise (take the stairs)…be kind…be tolerant…give money to charity…volunteer…be nice to someone…help a neighbor…work diligently…play often…take action…contribute to this world in some way, every day.  Institutions are not the answer…WE ARE


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