Cliff Thaell Was Not the Greatest Commissioner of All Time. Nick Maddox Is Not a Villain.

By: Gary Yordon
By: Gary Yordon

The Cliff Thaell vs. Nick Maddox race speaks volumes about the perceived differences.

Cliff Thaell was not the greatest commissioner of all time. Nick Maddox is not a villain.

I always find it interesting how voters put each candidate in a race at polar opposites. One of them will certainly solve our problems and the other will absolutely destroy all we hold dear. In the twelve years I served as an elected official I can promise you that the difference between most candidates is not that great…and in most cases the decisions made over the course of their time in office won’t differ by 5%.

The Cliff Thaell vs. Nick Maddox race speaks volumes about the perceived differences. I think if you met the two of them in a bar and had a chat, and they were not running against each other, you would most likely think they were two nice guys with many of the same views…rather than these two opponents from different planets.

Cliff Thaell was a tremendous commissioner. His social service record is unrivaled. His sense of who we were as a community and where we wanted to go was keen and always at the front of his agenda. I don’t care who you are, when you survive 16 years in the crosshairs, this community should just say thank you commissioner…job well done. I believe the footprints left by Cliff will be a path followed by us for a very long time in our county.

However to somehow suggest that Nick Maddox is the polar opposite of Thaell and that all is lost is simply absurd.

Nick is a very thoughtful young man with a family. He cares deeply about people and our community. His story is very compelling…raised by aunts and grandmothers…and through it all finding success at every level because of his commitment and faith. So he didn’t vote…neither do 70% of the people who live here, and I bet a few of them are pretty capable as well.

So my guess is that pigs won’t start flying when Nick is sworn in and in a few months Commissioner Maddox will look very normal to us all. In the mean time, if you see Cliff…regardless of your perspective on this race…go up to him and say thanks…thanks for 16 years of commitment to our community and our families.
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