Sloppy Joe's Bunn Buggy

Sloppy Joe’s Bun Buggy

-4 hot dog buns
-16 thin slices cucumber or zucchini
-24 thin strips julienned carrots, 1inch long
-4 ripe olives or pimento stuffed olives
-Non stick cooking spray
-1, 10 ounce package, extra lean ground turkey
-1 ¼ cups reduced fat spaghetti sauce
-1/2 cup chopped broccoli stems
-2 teaspoon prepared mustard
-1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
-Dash of salt
-Dash black pepper
-4 small pretzel twists

Hollow out hot dog buns. Use wooden pick to make four holes in sides of each bun to attach wheels. Use wooden pick to make one hole in center of each cucumber slice; push carrot strip though hole. Press into holes in buns, making wheels on buns.

Cut each olive in half horizontally. Use wooden pick to make two holes in one end of each bun to attach headlights. Use carrot strips to attach olives to buns, making headlights.

Spray large nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Cook turkey in skillet over medium heat until no longer pink. Stir in spaghetti sauce, broccoli stems, mustard, worcestershire, salt,,pepper, heat through.

Spoon sauce mixture into hollowed-out buns. Press pretzel twist into ground turkey mixture making windshield on each buggy.

Other fun ideas...

Sunflower Sundaes

-Pineapple rings
-Vanilla ice cream, lemon sherbet, pineapple sorbet
-Mini chocolate chips
-Mint leaves (optional)

Use kitchen scissors to snip outer edge of pineapple into wedges. Place the ring on top of the ice cream or sherbet. Fill the center of the sunflower with the mini chocolate chips and garnish with a mint leaf if desired.

Bunny Crackers

-Favorite round crackers
-Cream cheese
-Carrots, cut into thin strips about an inch long
-Apple, cut into small thin wedges about an inch long

Spread the cream cheese on the center of the crackers leaving a small edge of cracker showing all around. Place one cracker on top of the edge of another, creating a figure 8. Place raisins on the top cracker to make eyes and nose. Place raisins on the bottom cracker to create the feet. Lay several of the carrot strips under the nose to create whiskers. Then take the apple wedges and place skin side up above the raisin eyes to create the ears.

Sail-ery Boats

-1 bunch of celery
-1 container of favorite dip
-1 package of triangle shaped crackers

Cut celery sticks into 3inch strips and fill each one with dip. Place cracker into the boat for a sail.

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