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Tallahassee SmileLabs offers an affordable alternative for chairside teeth whitening treatments with immediate results. Regular prices range from $99 for a single 20 minute session to $149 for a double session (two 20 minute sessions back to back, or within a week). SmileLabs is a U.S. company with a dentist, Dr. Zachary Hilgers, leading the team that develops the products and ensures they meet the highest quality standards and safety protocols. SmileLabs’ products are completely enamel-safe and offer treatments with very little or no sensitivity issues for clients. Tallahassee SmileLabs’ cosmetic whitening treatment is considered by industry insiders to be the best. The whitening results are impressive and the "WOW" factor is huge!

  • Immediate Results!
  • NO Pain!
  • Enamel Safe!
  • Affordable


Client Reviews

Kelly Harris Jones reviewed Tallahassee SmileLabs Teeth Whitening — 5 star
February 21
Majesty is top notch in customer service! I was leery of the process because I have super sensitive teeth, to the point even basic whitening toothpaste bothers me. Majesty felt like Smile Labs would work so I gave it a try! She was super careful in helping apply the whitening gel to make sure none got on my gums just to be extra careful. She was knowledgeable about the whole process and made you feel at ease. I have to say....I have had ZERO issues from the process. I decided to do a second round just to get the extra white look I wanted and again no issues. I highly recommend this process! You will not be disappointed and all you have to lose is yellow teeth!

Dawn Carey Miller reviewed Tallahassee SmileLabs Teeth Whitening — 5 star
April 6
Attention sensitive teeth folks: I had my teeth whitened by Majesty at Tallahassee SmileLabs last month. I cannot use Crest Whitestrips, because they make my gums and teeth sore after just one 30 min strip. I also had Zoom Whitening years ago that was brutally painful, however did yield good results. Let me tell you, I got the same great results as the Zoom, but with NO PAIN whatsoever, and a 1/4 of the cost. I would recommend Majesty and Tallahassee SmileLabs to anyone! My teeth are fairly white already. Majesty was able to get them several shades whiter with just one treatment! Next time I'm going in for the 2 back to back treatments. Five stars all the way! Professional, comfortable, pain free, lovely office, great staff, and fantastic results.

Daphne Childers Newberg reviewed Tallahassee SmileLabs Teeth Whitening — 5 star
June 14
I highly recommend Tallahassee SmileLabs. Majesty did an outstanding job. The office is comfortable and clean and the process was COMPLETELY PAINLESS! I am beyond thrilled with the results as well as the excellent customer service!