Continuing Coverage: FBI investigating CRA

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- WCTV has continuing coverage on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's probe into development deals by the City of Tallahassee and the Community Redevelopment Agency.

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Search warrant details accusations against Commissioner Scott Maddox
A federal search warrant, mistakenly posted online, targets Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox.

City, County debate how to move forward with CRA board
Members of the joint city-county CRA board debated over how to move forward, following the county's unanimous decision to leave the downtown CRA district, at Thursday's meeting.

CRA board takes big steps for Frenchtown-Southside district
The group voted unanimously for staff to begin necessity studies for expanding the district.

City of Tallahassee to release FBI subpoenaed documents to public
The City of Tallahassee has voted to provide all FBI subpoenaed documents to the public for free.

City votes to continue downtown CRA, focus on infrastructure
The Tallahassee City Commission voted on the fate of the downtown district of the Community Redevelopment Agency, Wednesday. This, after the county voted to withdraw itself from the district, Tuesday.

City of Tallahassee votes to continue downtown CRA
The City voted unanimously to continue supporting the downtown district, without county support, but restrict its funding to infrastructure projects.

Leon County moves to dismantle downtown CRA
The Leon County Commission is pushing forward to dismantle the downtown Community Redevelopment Agency.

Work begins to analyze subpoenaed documents
Florida State University's DeVoe Moore Center is launching an in-depth research project into thousands of federal subpoenaed documents.

City turns over all documents demanded in third federal subpoena
The City of Tallahassee has handed over all documents demanded in a federal subpoena which named City Commissioner Scott Maddox.

City of Tallahassee hands over documents to FBI
The City of Tallahassee has turned over 150,000 documents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that were requested in a subpoena.

City of Tallahassee still working on documents requested in federal subpoena
Officials with the City of Tallahassee say it may take a few weeks to finish compiling documents requested in a federal subpoena.

City working with FBI to extend due date for requested documents
As the deadline nears for documents due to a federal grand jury, the city has said it will not be handing over the requested information by Tuesday, as stated on a federal subpoena.

First indictments in FBI investigation could come by November
The first indictments in a federal investigation into city government contracting in the state capital could come as early as November.

CRA Board discusses future, development projects
The Community Redevelopment Agency board met to vote on the continuance of the CRA, as well as several projects to move forward on.

Maddox faces scrutiny in light of latest leaked photo
Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox is facing scrutiny after a compromising photo of him flanked by three alleged FBI agents surfaced.

Tallahassee City Hall served new federal subpoena
A new subpoena was just issued in the FBI’s ongoing investigation into downtown development deals in Tallahassee.

Corey withdraws from lobbying at state level
A local lobbyist wrapped up in an FBI investigation has withdrawn from all lobbying at the state level.

Gillum speaks out on photo showing alleged FBI agent
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is speaking out after a new photo has surfaced showing him in New York City with an alleged FBI agent.

Mayor's Office releases emails detailing meetings, events
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum's Office has released a slew of documents today detailing calendar events and meetings over the past two years. This, following an FBI investigation into development deals in the Capital City.

City hires outside counsel to help with federal investigation
The City of Tallahassee is seeking the help of outside counsel in dealing with a federal investigation into development deals.

Despite discussion to dissolve Downtown CRA, two projects move forward
The joint city-county Community Redevelopment Agency moved forward with two big projects at Wednesday's meeting.

CRA staff discusses dissolving downtown CRA
City and county leaders met Wednesday morning for the first CRA meeting since news broke of an FBI investigation into development deals.

CRA reschedules meeting because of "scheduling conflicts"
The Community Redevelopment Agency has postponed its board meeting, scheduled for Thursday. It was to be the first meeting since news broke of an FBI investigation into the agency, and the City of Tallahassee.

City, CRA deliver 90,000 documents to FBI
The City of Tallahassee and the Community Redevelopment Agency have delivered all records to the FBI requested in two federal subpoenas.

Due date for subpoenaed City, CRA documents comes and goes
A critical deadline in an FBI investigation into downtown development deals in the Capital City has come and gone.

Grand jury meets Tuesday for FBI probe into Tallahassee development
A grand jury is set to convene Tuesday morning to look through documents regarding development deals in Tallahassee.

County Commissioner requests a pause on funding for Downtown CRA
Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor is requesting that the Leon County Government put a pause on funding for the Downtown CRA.

City Attorney advises staff to not "speculate" about recent FBI probe
Tallahassee City Attorney Lew Shelley advised staff to not speculate about the recent FBI investigation into development deals in the Capital City.

CRA's draw public scrutiny for a variety of reasons
Federal authorities are investigating city development deals that involve some of the “movers and shakers” in Tallahassee.

Gillum speaks out about FBI probe into city of Tallahassee
After news broke that the FBI has issued two subpoenas- one to the City of Tallahassee and one to the Community Redevelopment Agency- Mayor Andrew Gillum is speaking out.