CRA to consider agreement with Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners for old shelter land

By: Mariel Carbone
May 18, 2017

Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV)— The CRA will consider a potential sale of the former shelter and Renaissance Community Center to Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC.

The matter will come before the CRA next Thursday. Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC is requesting exclusive rights to the land for six months while they prepare a redevelopment proposal for the space. Plus, a purchase and sales agreement for that land if the CRA were to approve the redevelopment plan.

Partners have already developed preliminary plans for the land.

“A mixed used strategy for the redevelopment of this area,” said Keith Bowers, Project Manager for the Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners. “It would incorporate residential, commercial and some retail space here in the community.”

They’d also like to see restaurants, office space and a grocery store.

Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners is made up of several land and business owners in the area surrounding that land, including Bethel Baptist Church.

If approved, Partners would take the six month period to review the market feasibility test done on the land. Plus, they’d reengage with the community to make sure all voices are heard.

"There has to be some consensus building. We want to make sure that the people in the community appreciate it, they'll support the businesses that are located here. And then also we want to be in a position where we could attract folks who would've never thought of buying a home," he said.

Bowers hopes that new development will attract future investors for the Frenchtown community.

The CRA will consider the proposal on May 25. If approved, the 180 day hold begins immediately.


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