Cold weather on the way, are you prepared? Tips for chilling temperatures

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By: Erin Lisch
January 5, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- We aren't facing any blizzards in Florida or South Georgia, but our temps will fall below freezing. That means not only keeping yourself warm, but also your pets and plants.

When it comes to pets, the ASPCA says that if it’s too cold for you outside, then it’s probably too cold for your pet…so keep your animals inside.

Plant expert at Tallahassee Nurseries Mickey Clickner said, "If you have plants that are planted in the ground you can get frost cloth or some kind of sheet or blanket, and you'll want to cover the outside of the tree, bring it all the way to the ground, and secure it there."

Bring in any tropical or house plants inside; if not, you'll see some changes in your greenery.

"Some browning might happen on the leaves or it might end up taking the plant entirely," said Clickner.

You'll also want to check your pipes, along with the hose you use to water your plants, so they don't burst due to the freezing temperatures.

Dowdy Plumbing’s Kristin Anderson said, "If you have a back flow outside that doesn't have a cover on it, it needs to have a cover, or if you can’t get a cover put a blanket over it. You need to disconnect all your hosing from any outside hose bibs."

Anderson also says run a slow steady drip in your house faucets, both hot and cold, to keep water moving and avoid the possibility of freezing.

Another tip from Anderson for preventing frozen pipes is to open cabinet doors to let the warm air from the heater hit the pipes.

The cold can also impact your daily commute! Pouring hot water on an icy windshield may seem like an easy fix, but if you have even the smallest crack the hot water can make it much worse.

Lee & Cates Glass Technician Dean Pementer said, "If it's an early morning thing, leaving a blanket on the windshield at night really helps a lot. Don't turn your defrost on hot right away. Start it off on the rest of your vehicle and aim it toward your windshield later."

A little advice to help you get through our upcoming cold snap.

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