Former foster child gives teens a crash course into adulthood

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By: Symone Davis
March 20, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Former foster child Michael Williams is hosting workshops across the State of Florida teaching teens the responsibilities on adulthood.

Most of these kids have yet to pay a bill of any sort. That all changed Monday at the "My Jumpstart to the Real World" workshop.

"I’ve learned a little bit of responsibility in my lifetime but this is big time responsibility,” said 15-year-old Brittney Topham.

Dozens of at- risk teens, many of them foster kids, came from across Tallahassee and the state -- to learn the basics of adulthood.

Skills like opening a checking account, saving for an apartment or handling a curve ball, like a broken laptop.

The idea came from Michael Williams, the CEO and Founder of Inspire Self-Success.
This former foster kid wants to make sure no one else has to endure what he faced.

I was homeless within the first two years of aging out of foster care, I grew up in the foster care system. One thing that helped elevate my success was a lot of connections, relationships and really understanding how to be successful as an adult,” said Williams

Many of the participants say they're grateful for this eye opening experience.

"I’ve learned how to be financially stable and I’ve learned how to do a check book and everything like that,” said 16 year old Da’Maya Williams.

If you mess up one small little bit, you get in trouble,” said Topham.

My Jumpstart to the Real World, doesn't stop here in Tallahassee. The next one will take place in Orlando on June 17th. You can register for the workshop here

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