Do ghosts really exist? Local woman shares her experience

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By: Shonda Knight
October 31, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- We've all seen movies where ghosts and goblins are stars of the show. But are they real?

Licia Berry has strong reason to believe we are not alone.

Berry says "I wanted an objective person to check me out. And I've gotten the stamp of approval several times. Yes, you're sane."

She says she encounters spirits daily.

It all started at the age of four… "Seeing something very clearly from the window of my bedroom, a very brightly lit man in the window, smiling at me."

Four decades later, Berry's helping hundreds in our area and more around the world, connect with those no longer with us physically.

She says "I encounter our ancestors to be around us all the time. and I encounter that to be a loving and good thing. Because ancestors care about the longevity of their family line."

She goes on to say, "We have seen generations of children being born with no one going in doing cleanup on the deceased's behalf or the descendant's behalf. So, we're seeing 5 to 15 generations of cleanup needed. We're seeing increased brain disorders, depression, cancers, attention deficit."

I sat down with the married mother of two, at her home... in the room where many "interactions" occur.

It didn't take long for things to get interesting.

During the beginning of our interview, a drum and picture sitting in the corner, fell over.

Berry responds with laughter, "Oops, I wonder who's here?"

Later in our interview, I said to her, “I heard the drums fall, and even in this environment, my immediate inclination was not, it's a ghosts. But it was yours."

Berry said “'Of course, it's all about looking for the things we believe in to reinforce those beliefs."

I then asked, if a spirit was in the room, what would be its purpose?

Berry responded, “If there were a helper, a spirit over there, it was probably like ‘we're here... we're real."

In fact, she says most of us have come in contact with ghosts. You know that feeling you get when you walk in a room and it feels like someone else is there?

But not everyone agrees.

Dr. Christopher Bader studies paranormal activity at Chapman University. He's gone on dozens of ghosts hunts over 20 years and says it all ties back to what you want to believe.

Bader recalls a ghost hunt, "There were interpreting noises and creaks that we heard in the building as potentially being ghosts. I don't know what caused those noises and creaks, they could be a ghost I guess. It could also be the heating system, could've been anything in an old building."

Berry considers her interactions and ability to help others do the same, a gift from God.

She says "Don't buy-in to that things that are non physical are all frightening and scary. Because if you believe that, then you're more likely to fear and shutdown from it. There is more beyond this physical world."

Or is there? You decide.

You can read more on Berry’s blog:

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