Honor Flight prepares to take over 80 vets to Washington, D.C.

By: Erika Fernandez
May 19, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Fulfilling the dreams of our veterans, Honor Flight Tallahassee is sending our heroes on a trip they'll never forget. That day long trip is Saturday, and the veterans will travel to Washington, D.C. where they will visit the memorials for the wars they fought in.

More than 80 veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam are prepared to board a plane for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This is the fifth time Honor Flight is taking vets from the Tallahassee region, and giving them a chance to visit the sites that honor their service.

In a whirlwind tour of D.C., they will see the National World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Marine Corps War Memorial and then wrap up at Arlington National Cemetery.

One veteran said he's most looking forward to visiting the memorial that honors his cousin and friend who were both killed in Vietnam.

"The last time I flew with this many veterans on a flight was when I was coming home in November of 1967. To be flying up there with so many veterans again, and so many that I know, they're members of my post. Just sharing that camaraderie again with so many comrades," said Vietnam veteran, John Folsom.

Honor Flight will leave from Tallahassee Saturday morning at seven a.m., and end with a Heroes Welcome Home around 9:30 p.m.

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