TCC Clothesline airs thoughts, feelings on domestic violence

By: Julie Montanaro
April 20, 2017

Domestic violence survivors have a chance to share their stories this week without saying a word.

We stopped by Tallahassee Community College as both words of warning and words of encouragement fluttered in the breeze.

"I cried at some," Machelle Jarmon said as she headed to class.

Jarmon is a nursing student at TCC. These t-shirts touch her heart.

"They had all different kinds of emotions," Jarmon said, "but it really does something on the inside of me."

These shirts - more than 170 of them so far - hang on a clothesline in the heart of the Tallahassee Community College campus.

"It's honestly just been such an eye opening experience," TCC student Sydni Small said.

Students decided the t-shirts are the perfect way to get people thinking and talking about domestic violence, dating violence and sexual abuse.

"I'd say the ones that make the biggest impact on me are the personal story ones," TCC student Arron McDonagh said. "The ones that have them like ... saying "I" or "you" did this to me ... It's remarkable."

"Some people, they've stopped and made shirts and gotten very emotional about it because they can relate to it from a personal standpoint," TCC student Bernard Jennings said.

"I personally have helped one of my friends create a shirt," TCC student Kashayla Barrington said. "So actually seeing it and putting it out there helped her release the pain."

"For them to come out and share their experiences can help others see that ... you're not alone," TCC student Jordan MacDonald said.

This is actually an English class project that's turned into so much more. Assistant professor Kelly Thayer said the support and compassion she's seen this week are "truly inspirational."

You can see the clothesline or add your own t-shirt to it through Friday.