Woman knits bibs for kittens

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LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Kittens are adorable, but have you ever seen one wearing a bib? One woman is knitting bibs for kittens who need to be bottle fed.

Anna Moneymaker is a foster mom for kittens. She frequently drives to a shelter that's more than an hour away to pick up new cats who need her care.

A lot of the time, she picks up newborn kittens who have to be bottle fed, which she said can become quite a mess. So she searched for a solution for her temporary kids.

"I basically went everywhere trying to look for a small bib so when I'm bottle feeding or giving them their medicine, they can catch it because I'm always trying to clean it up, and I couldn't find anything," said Moneymaker.

She decided to combine two things she loves, crocheting and kittens, to solve the problem, and just like that, kitten bibs are a thing.

Moneymaker said she can knit three or four bibs within 20 minutes. The bibs are designed with the young animals in mind.

"In case I put the kitten down and they get into something, it just breaks away. I didn't want to put a button on it or anything because they play pretty rough when they're older," said Moneymaker.

Moneymaker said she doesn't sell them yet, but she may sell the bibs in the near future.

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