Special quilt made in 1952 returned to church

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Back in September, the Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church in Greenville, Virginia received a gift important to its history.

Thanks to an area historian, a friendship quilt dating back to 1952 was returned to the church.

Back in the 1940s, the population in southern Augusta County was growing and the Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church needed a new building.

A group of women created a friendship quilt to raise $5,000. People living in the area donated money to have their names on the quilt, and then it was auctioned off.

The quilt dates back to 1952, and has almost one thousand names.

"He sang in the choir, he's in heaven now," said Sharon Roadcap, pointing out names on different sections of the quilt. "This one's mostly the Bowers! A hundred names on it, just on that one square!"

Roadcap is the church secretary and a church Elder.

The names on the quilt are not just congregation members.

"In one family, three sets of twins, all delivered by the local doctor," said Nancy Sorrells. "So they're all on there, and the doctor's on there too!"

There are veterans as well.

"There's Pete Doyle, he was in the Batan death march."

The quilt also includes family members of current residents. Roadcap was surprised that her father had put her family on the quilt.

"Daddy was very poor," said Roadcap. "I know that he made a donation for each of us to be on the quilt; I'm sure that came from him."

When Nancy's neighbor Elaine told her about the quilt, she tracked down the children of a former minister through Facebook.

"I was able to use Facebook and get in contact with them and the result is that they had the quilt and they thought it should come back to Pines Chapel," Roadcap said.

She's passionate about preserving local history.

"This is, I think, the forgotten part of Augusta County," said Sorrells. "It's east of the railroad tracks; hard-working people who have kind of been forgotten in the history books."

The members of the church are thrilled to have the quilt back home.

"There's a lot of good things to come out of this little church," said Roadcap.

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