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Health Alert

California coffee may soon come with a cancer warning

Georgia ranked sickest state in the U.S.

Three flu-related deaths confirmed in South Georgia

TMH forced to open secondary waiting room for flu patients

New study shows depression, anxiety higher locally than national norm

Georgia health officials name flu season worst in a decade

Medical Examiner: Florida seventh-grader died of Influenza B

Treating contaminated household water costly for cities – and consumers

Hurricane Maria leaving the US with a shortage of IV bags

Flu activity still on the rise in Florida

Local emergency rooms seeing high number of flu patients

How a t-shirt, Disney World, and a viral social media post saved a father's life

Officials say this flu season worse than any they've seen

Georgia Department of Health warns of stomach flu in Southwest Georgia

New video game could help stroke survivors

Armed with new data, officials target 'drug-dealing' doctors

Locals offer advice for losing weight in the New Year

Flu striking states in Deep South particularly hard

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