Medical Minute: New Male Contraception

We know that with the exception of condoms and vasectomy, contraception is typically left up to the woman. Pills, patches and shots are among the many choices in a woman's contraceptive repertoire. But now, men have options too.

Days like these make Quentin Brown happy he's a dad with that uncertainty in mind, Quentin joined a study on a new type of male contraception, an option for men Dr. Christina Wang says is overdue.

Condoms have a user-failure rate of up to 12 percent. Vasectomies are considered permanent. Dr. Wang says women shouldn't be the only ones with multiple options.

"We think that males really, firstly, should take part in the family planning responsibility, so having children is a couples' responsibility."

To give men more say in the matter, Dr. Wang is studying implantable rods that contain progestin and testosterone. Together, those hormones suppress sperm production. After the implants, sperm are all but eliminated.

Quentin had the rods implanted in his arm and applauds the research.

"I've heard too many times where, 'Oh, she said she was on the pill!' You know, how many times have we heard that? It puts it into your hands. You decide now."

Having that security leaves Quentin with peace of mind, and it will likely do the same for the next generation of men.

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