Medical Minute: Going Vegetarian

Research proves a vegetarian or vegan diet has many health benefits. Studies show it can prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, gallstones and osteoporosis. It can even help reverse type II diabetes, but going vegetarian isn't something to jump into.

Karyn Calabrese has seen what a typical American diet can do to a person. Today, she follows a diet of raw and living foods. Karyn claims this way of eating has turned her life around, but it takes work. Nutritionist and author of Being Vegetarian for Dummies, Suzanne Havala, agrees, and she says don't fall into the traps.

Instead, try foods of ethnic origins like beans, rice and grains. Also, don't worry about the idea that vegetarians eat too little protein.

"Get enough calories to meet your energy needs, and eat a reasonable variety of foods. If you do those two things, it's almost impossible to design a diet that's protein deficient."

Suzanne has seen first-hand how these tips help people feel better.

"What they say is that they feel lighter, and they feel like they have more energy, and if they had heartburn, the heartburn goes away."

It worked for Karyn. "I don't get headaches. I don't get sore throats. I don't get colds. I don't get stomachaches. I don't get hot flashes."

And at 56, her diet is proof of what eating healthy can do for your appearance, too.

For more information, contact:

The Vegetarian Resource Group

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