Medical Minute: Relief for Cancer Patients

Each year more than one million people are diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes the tumors can cause additional problems that affect everyday tasks like eating.

Gary McArdle couldn't do much of anything just a few weeks ago.

"I'd be very nauseous. Depending on what I ate, I would throw up sometimes. I lost like 30 pounds over the space of about four months," said Gary.

He finally went to a doctor.

"They said a mass the size that I had is normally related to cancer."

A huge mass in his colon was crowding his intestines. Dr. Viktor Eysselein says obstructions like these are common in people with pancreatic, colon and uterine cancer.

"As soon as a tumor grows, you will get obstruction in most cases," said Dr. Eysselein.

To open that obstruction, he uses this expandable stent that enlarges over time.

"The metal mesh goes from a diameter of maybe two, three millimeters, goes up to 20 to 22 millimeters, and it develops over time."

Dr. Eyesselein says the soft metal is nearly painless and is life-changing.

"The first time they could eat solid food again, not only liquids, or if it was in the stomach, they could eat again without vomiting. It's a tremendous increase in quality of life."

Even better, he found out his mass wasn't cancer. It was inflammation from Crohn's disease.

"It's been fantastic. I'm building my strength back up. I'm living a day-to-day basis like a normal person."

With one less thing to worry about.

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