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Abortion Wait Debated by Full House

Updated: 7:19 PM - State House members today gave tentative approval to a measure that would require women to make two visits to a doctor and wait at least 24 hours in between before having an abortion.

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  • Jury in Boston Marathon trial sees photo of defiant Tsarnaev
    BOSTON (AP) -- First, the jury was shown large, vibrant pictures of the four people killed in the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. Then prosecutors pulled out the photo they saved for last: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev giving the finger to the security camera in his jail cell....
  • Justice Dept. opens Baltimore police probe; 1K protest
    BALTIMORE (AP) -- The Justice Department said Tuesday it has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who suffered a fatal spinal-cord injury under mysterious circumstances after he was handcuffed and put in the back of a police van....
  • Anger at acquittal of Chicago policeman in shooting of woman
    CHICAGO (AP) -- A judge's surprise acquittal of an off-duty Chicago police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed woman called into question prosecutors' decision not to charge the man with murder, and set off protests for a second day Tuesday....
  • Volunteer deputy heading to Bahamas amid manslaughter charge
    TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- A volunteer sheriff's deputy plans to vacation in the Bahamas while facing a second-degree manslaughter charge in Oklahoma, his attorneys told a judge Tuesday, drawing immediate criticism from the family of the man he killed....
  • APNewsBreak: NY aims to cut waste by 90 percent by 2030
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The nation's biggest city, in a far-reaching effort to limit its impact on the environment, is set to mark Earth Day by announcing the ambitious goal of reducing its waste output by 90 percent by 2030....
  • Obama attorney general nominee heads for vote after 5 months
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's long-stalled nominee for attorney general, federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch, is on her way to a confirmation vote after senators extricated themselves Tuesday from a partisan dispute over abortion that had stood in her way....
  • Obama: Democratic critics of his trade agenda are 'wrong'
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama hit back at fellow Democrats who oppose his trade initiatives Tuesday, saying they have their facts wrong on the eve of a key Senate vote....
  • DEA chief to retire amid pressure over agents' sex scandal
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The embattled head of the Drug Enforcement Administration said Tuesday that she plans to retire after three decades with the agency, an announcement that came amid mounting pressure for her resignation from members of Congress who questioned her handling of misconduct allegations against agents....
  • Jeb Bush prepares to give traditional campaign a makeover
    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The traditional presidential campaign may be getting a dramatic makeover in Jeb Bush's bid for the White House as he prepares to turn some of a campaign's central functions over to a separate political organization that can raise unlimited amounts of money....
  • Obama again avoids calling 1915 Armenian killings 'genocide'
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama will once again stop short of calling the 1915 massacre of Armenians a genocide, prompting anger and disappointment from those who have been pushing him to fulfill a campaign promise and use the politically fraught term on the 100th anniversary of the killings this week. Officials decided against it after opposition from some at the State Department and the Pentagon....
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