Dangers of Cheerleading

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The recent injury of an Orlando Magic Stunt Team member has
college officials taking a closer look at the dangers of cheerleading.

University of Florida officials have just grounded their cheerleaders.

Concerns over cheerleading safety are making headlines following the injury of Jamie Wood.

Wood suffered 3 vertebrae fractures and a broken rib.

Florida State's cheerleaders are very prepared, so something like that doesn't happen to any of them.

FSU Head Cheerleading Coach Staci Sutton says "we're pretty trained to insure that we follow the rules, we go to summer camp in the summer and they train us and our athletes and our cheerleaders on the rules"

Florida State University has banned the Top Shoulder Stand skill during basketball season.

Cheerleaders love what they do, but they also know the risks that are involved.
Former H.S. Cheerleader Chesley Roberts says "cheerleading is a dangerous sport, I feel like it's the most dangerous sport because a lot of things can go wrong but the cheerleaders know what they're doing, they know how to be safe"

College Basketball Fan Jason Lum says "these young ladies, these women who come on the floor surely understand the dangers of what it takes to do their routine, so my belief is they should be allowed to do the routine"

University of Florida officials say their cheerleaders could no longer perform acrobatic stunts and tumbles.

At this point, it doesn't look like Florida State will be going to that extreme.

Jamie Wood is scheduled to give an update on her condition at a press conference on Friday.