Mother Defends Children Against Armed Burglar

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Walton, GA - January 6, 2013

A Saturday afternoon burglary near Atlanta involving a crowbar forced a mother to fight back for her children.

The ordeal began at around noon when a man rang the doorbell at a home on Henderson Ridge Lane. Inside the home was a work-at-home mother and her nine-year-old twins. The mother saw the burglar's car pull up, but decided not to answer the door.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said the man then retrived a crow bar from his vehicle.

During this time the mother then called her husband, who with her on the phone called 911. She then grabbed a revolver and hid her children in a crawl space, Chapman reported.

Patiently listening and waiting with her gun, the mother was startled to hear the man breaking in. Eventually the mother and burglar met face to face when the burglar found his way to the room where the mother was standing guard.

The crawlspace opened and the mother and her two children were face to face with the burglar who in turn was staring at her, the two kids, and a 38 revolver.

The mother then fired six shots.

Chapman said the woman and her children then fled next door. Neighbor Vernon Rumphrey said he and his son grabbed weapons and ran next door to investigate.

"I walked inside a little bit to see if he was still there but he had somehow got out and got into the SUV and drove off," said Rumphrey.

The intruder, wounded and disoriented missed the exit to the subdivision. Authorities said he drove around instead to the other side of the division and crashed into a tree.

Deputies found the burglar in a driveway.

Paramedics rushed 32-year-old Paul Slater of Loganville to Gwinnett Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds.

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