Thomas University Student Gets Scammed On Craigslist

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By: Emily Johnson
May 1, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Thursday afternoon Jordan Brumudez was moving furniture as he gets ready fro his summer vacation in New York City. His plans were to rent an apartment in Greenwich Village off of Craigslist.

"Everything was going good and then I asked him if I could like reserve the apartment. So the guy told me yeah can reserve the apartment you just have to send me a $500 deposit and a $200 dollar security," said Jordan Brumudez.

Bermudez then sent a money order deposit to a Jeanne Osterhondt in Springhill, FL who the seller said is his wife. That's when things took a turn for the worse. Bermudez said he became suspicious when he called the Craigslist seller and didn't receive any phone calls back.

"I've given him at least 15 maybe 20 phone calls, sent him about 10 emails ever since he stopped contacting me and everything," said Bermudez.

Thomasville Police Department became involved when Bermudez notified them about the scam taking place.

"Basically it's an ongoing investigation. It's one of those things we're trying to see if we can contact someone and it gets to be hard when you don't know who you're dealing with," said LT. Erin Hampton, Thomasville Police Department Spokesperson.

It's a lesson Bermudez said he learned, but that he definitely learned it the hard way.

"To be a little more cautious about wiring money somewhere to just some guy," said Bermudez.

Thomasville Police said to be careful and try to know who you're dealing with on websites like Craigslist.

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