Twice Not Bitten

It's time to survey the damage in Wakulla County, and for many it's a task being done in the dark.

Joe Koszela has been living in the dark for days, the repercussions of Tropical Storm Frances as it tore through the Panhandle.

Joe says, “I'm originally from Chicago. I know it wasn't too bad but I heard there was a tree that fell on a house of one of my neighbors.”

The neighbor on Cactus Lane was a woman eight months pregnant. Luckily, she escaped before the oak tree came barreling down, splitting her house in half.

The Sheriff's Office and Wakulla crews are working around the clock answering calls to clean up downed trees and debris, saying the effects of Frances could have been much worse.

Joe Blanchard, Emergency Management Officer, says, “We acted on the best information provided by the people who know best. Thank goodness they were wrong.”

While some are thanking their lucky stars, others are laughing out loud saying Frances didn't pack the punch they'd expected.

Lena Tynera, a Wakulla County resident, says, “It's a dud. We were expecting excitement and we didn't get any!”

With Frances behind them all eyes are on Hurricane Ivan, but down in these parts folks won't whisper that term. They simply call it the “I-guy” and cross their fingers hoping three times is a charm when it comes to this hurricane season.