Damage Assessment in Thomas County

In the wake of Tropical Storm Frances residents of Thomas County are considering themselves lucky.

John Richards says, "I think we had 105 roads blocked in a 27-hour period. They're all open now. We worked on them through the night. We called the hospital. No reported injuries."

Now, the damage assessment begins. Sheriff's deputies are making their rounds, house by house.

David Johnson says, "We've got the county divided into four quadrants and each quadrant is divided into four subquadrants. Each deputy is assigned a subquadrant and they're responsible for assessing any damage that's happened due to wind or trees."

Law enforcement officers perform checks like these after extensive damage is reported after any major storm. They say if enough damage is done they may be eligible for funding from GEMA.

Johnson adds, "In this area right here it looked like tornadoes came through, but it's widespread throughout the county."

Damage assessment officers say similar checks are going on across the state of Georgia, and when a total cost of destruction is reached an appeal will be made to GEMA.