Picking Up the Pieces

Lowndes County officials say this is only one of the problems the county encountered because of Frances, but they say for the most part people here were very lucky.

Looking at a fallen pecan tree, you might think otherwise, but these folks know Frances' impact had potential to be much worse.

Stephen Ezzell, a Lowndes County resident, says, "It's a blessing that we weren't here and no more damage was done than what was done, ya know?"

Aside from a few fallen trees, snapped power lines and some localized flooding, county officials say this area really came out on top.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "There were some strong weather bands headed towards us and they continually went north or went west and it wasn't quite as bad as we thought we were going to get."

Even so, Lowndes County still saw more than five inches of rain and lost power in many areas. County officials say public works crews and power crews are working around the clock to get county conditions back to normal.

There are already crews out here working to restore the road. They expect a restoration for the entire county by the end of Tuesday. County officials say they are already gearing up for Hurricane Ivan.