Small City of Boston Hard Hit by Tropical Storm Frances

Downed power lines kept crews busy Tuesday after Frances pounded Thomas County, and so did dozens of fallen trees.

Greg Hill of Boston came home to an uninvited guest of an oak tree in his front room.

Greg says, "I came out here to assess the damage that was done to the home. I was told today it was a total loss."

For Barbara Wideman's mother, property damage wasn't the main concern. Her mother was in the bedroom asleep when an oak tree came crashing down.

Chuck Weaver, Chief of Police for the City of Boston, says, "It actually hit her car, which probably broke the fall of the tree and probably might have saved her life. It smashed the car and some of it went into the house."

Barbara Wideman says, "I'm grateful she didn't get hurt. God was just with her because she could have been in the car."

There was extensive damage in the city of Boston, but officials say they consider themselves lucky because of the major damage done to parts of Florida.

Chuck Weaver says, "No one was hurt. We're extremely thankful for that, but extreme damage on houses, vehicles and trees power lines down; some people are still without power and phone service."

Hill is still in shock about his losses and adds, "I would never wish this on anybody."

Even with all the damage, things are already slowly but surely getting back to normal. The police chief estimates about $400,000 worth of damage from Frances in Boston alone.