Red Cross Volunteers Working Hard in Frances' Aftermath

Tropical Storm Frances may be gone, but the work isn't over for Red Cross volunteers. For the more than 300 who gave their time to the Red Cross as Frances moved through there are now shelters to close down and mobile feeding units to man.

Red Cross officials say it's been a very long couple of weeks.

Chris Floyd, Emergency Services Director, says, "Some of these volunteers have been in here for days on end, even pulling overnight shifts."

Faith Rioux, a Red Cross volunteer, adds, "I have probably averaged about 16 hours a day. I do try to get myself home at some point in time through each day to try to re-coup and make myself feel more like a regular human being."

The Red Cross has a laundry list of needs during hurricane season from damage assessment to family services. For Faith Rioux, she stepped in to coordinate all 32 shelters in the area. It’s a tough job, but the reward is worth it.

Faith says, "I have always been a volunteer person. I have always been one to help other people. That's always been my goal and the Red Cross to me is such a worthy organization."

That's important to all of the volunteers because at the end of the day there is only one goal, to serve those in need.

Faith adds, "They're back home in their homes and they will feel that the Red Cross did not turn them away and we did what we promised to do."

If you would like to become a volunteer with the Capital Area Chapter of the Red Cross call 205-6094.