Almost There

Right now it's lights out for more than 1,000 Jefferson County residents.

Ruth Brown says, "No fans or anything, it's very hot in the house. No TV to watch, no telephones at times, what can I do?"

Stroke survivor Tommy Drawdy can't use his elevator to help him get around.

Tommy says, "I can't use it without any power and the entire city of Wacissa doesn't have any power. My son lives there, and he doesn't have any power."

Wednesday school was not in session at both Jefferson County Middle and High Schools.

Phil Barker says, "I'd prefer if we're going to miss school, I'd prefer it happen early in the year than later or toward the end of the year."

Jefferson County residents are serviced by two electric companies, Progress Energy and Tri-County Electric. Officials with both companies say extra crews have been brought in from out of state to help restore power and that the delay was not due to crews being sent to south Florida.