Left in the Dark

Thousands of Grady County residents say they need some light shed on their current conditions.

"We've been without power for four days now. It's been miserable; we can't sleep, we can't take a shower. You can't do anything because we're total electric."

Since Sunday night, customers of the Grady Electric Membership Corporation say the EMC phone lines have been clogged and the lines have been long.

Grady EMC officials estimate that several thousand customers lost power when Frances hit and several hundred of those are still without electricity. They say they hope to get that power back on by 5 p.m. Wednesday, but they're urging all customers to be patient.

Donnie Prince says, "When you have hundreds and thousands of members without power it just creates a lot of logistic problems in trying to find the outage and then get it corrected, it's just a very time consuming process."

Cindi Beever adds, "There could have been a recording saying 'we're working on it, we'll have power up, we're doing our best', something to let us know they were there, but we felt like we were left high and dry."

EMC officials say crews have been out working on outages since early Wednesday morning and will not stop until everyone's power is back on. Local residents say when the next storm hits they hope they're not left in the dark for so long.