Jurors Deliberate in Coy Evans' Murder Trial

A jury is now deliberating in the murder trial of Coy Evans who could face the death penalty if convicted of killing Tallahassee Police SGT Dale Green.

The jury started deliberating just before 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and Coy Evans’ life literally hangs in the balance as we all wait on a verdict.

Coy Evans has already admitted to firing the fatal shots that took the life of Tallahassee Police SGT Dale Green. Now, his attorney is trying to convince jurors that the shots were fired out of panic, not premeditation.

Inez Suber, Evans' attorney, said, "Did he have time to reflect? I submit to you he did not."

Inez Suber urged jurors to veto any first-degree murder charge and thus any possibility of the death penalty and instead find for murder in the second degree.

The suggestion that Evans did not consciously pull the trigger the night SGT Green was killed incensed the state attorney who scoffed at Evans' repeated apologies and purported panic.

The jury has been deliberating since about 2:40 Wednesday afternoon; six women and six men are in the jury room, 11 white, one black. There's a nurse on the jury, a fresh-faced 19-year-old, a Catholic and a state employee.

If jurors do not reach a verdict Wednesday night they will be sequestered for the night. If they do come back with a guilty verdict the penalty phase will begin in which they will have to recommend either life in prison or the death penalty.