St. Francis Wildlife Working to Save Animal Hurricane Victims

The winds and rain tore up several nests leaving behind hundreds of orphaned animals.

When Jon Johnson opens a door you never know what is on the other side. From wide-eyed owls to little stinkers you'll find all sorts of the wildest creatures at St. Francis Wildlife. It's a refuge center and home to just about all walks of life, a place where the wounded heal and the little ones are raised.

It's usually a packed house, but what's most unusual is more than half of the residents moved in just days ago. All became orphans when Tropical Storm Frances tore through their backyards. Now, the biggest obstacle is keeping hundreds of hungry babies happy!

Jon Johnson says, “It's very hard to keep up. You have to feed them every four hours, 24 hours a day. We feed them with formula similar to puppy formula.”

The payoffs are worth it knowing you're helping these guys grow up big and strong, giving them a second chance on life. Johnson says anyone can volunteer to feed the baby squirrels. If you're interested, call 850-386-6296.