Guilty Verdict in Coy Evans Murder Trial

The jury in the death penalty case against the accused cop killer reaching a verdict late Wednesday night.

The jury deliberated for nearly seven hours, even ordering "dinner in" as they continued working. At about 9:15 word spread through the courthouse that the jury had a verdict.

Coy Evans stood motionless and expressionless as seven guilty verdicts were read; guilty of murder, robbery, kidnapping and more. These same jurors will be back Thursday to begin debating whether Evans should get life in prison or the death penalty for killing Tallahassee Police SGT Dale Green.

Following the verdict, State Attorney Willie Meggs had this to say, "Juries make a decision after deliberation and reflection and I think this jury realizes the importance of this matter and we'll just have to see what they do next."

SGT Green's family and fellow officers who were in the courtroom Wednesday were reluctant to talk on camera, knowing the critical penalty phase was still ahead, which gets underway Thursday afternoon.

The jury's decision was unanimous, but now when jurors are asked to recommend life or death, only seven of the 12 must agree. One interesting note is that the jury did not answer one of the questions on the verdict form.

The question left blank was “Did Evans know the man he shot was a law enforcement officer?”

The fact that that question was left blank could be critical when jurors and ultimately the judge are deciding life or death.