Red Cross Training

Thousands of Red Cross workers from several states have been working around the clock since Charley and Frances. Friday, a local chapter will begin a training session in hopes the community will give these disaster relief teams some relief.

Thursday, Red Cross workers were refilling shelter trailers in preparation for Ivan, but truth be told, local volunteers could use a little refueling as well.

Brian Mulherin, a Red Cross volunteer, says, “A little tired; we could stand a break, but of course what we need is more volunteers, and more manpower would be great.”

Over the past 30 days 600 Capital Area Red Cross volunteers have been sent all over Florida as well as manning local shelters.

Chris Floyd, director of the Red Cross, says, “Some of our guys are getting a little weary and this is an opportunity to invite individuals and organizations to join the Red Cross.”

The Red Cross is offering a disaster services training blitz in hopes of boosting the manpower pool.

“If somebody could just give a day or an hour or two we'd be glad to have them. There's always something to do at the Red Cross. We just need more manpower.”