Life or Death?

"On that evening, bullets tore through Dale's body, pierced my heart and forever changed my life. I never could have been prepared for what I saw in that emergency room."

Deb Green described what it was like to wake up without her soul mate, how her son recently buried his face in one of his dad's old t-shirts because it still smelled like him, and how children on his Southside patrol district will miss the man they called "Major Dad."

Deb Green says, "When he pulled into the projects, the children would gather around his car. They enjoyed having someone who would listen to them."

Coy Evans' family will address the jury, probably Friday, and urge them to spare his life. His lawyer did that Thursday, claiming Evans has a learning disability, slight brain damage and a powerful cocaine addiction.

Inez Suber, Evans' attorney, said, "Ronald Reagan once said every life has purpose and worth. There is purpose in life and worth to the life of Coy Evans."