It Could Have Been Worse

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

"I was right by the office and I went into the front office and told the manager, Emily, we need a fire extinguisher. We need a fire extinguisher. She was like, what do you mean? I was like, your building's on fire."

But a fire extinguisher would not be enough. Firefighters say the blaze started on the second floor balcony of one man's home.

"Right now it's just shock. We don't know even know the extent of the inside damage."

Though he was not home at the time of the fire, his wife made an incredible escape from the burning building.

"If you look here you can actually see when the screen landed from where the owner was able to push it out from the second story apartment. She then went ahead and jumped down here to safety. Now, firefighters say she only suffered a few scrapes and bruises and is very lucky to be alive."

"I’m very thankful that she's okay. She's very brave."

Firefighters say it's a blessing in disguise that the fire broke out in the middle of the day.

"When it's at night everybody's at home and asleep and the chance just triple that you may have fatalities."