Red Cross Volunteers Prepare to Depart from Valdosta

Nearly a dozen volunteers from around metro Valdosta are making the last minute preparations for a disaster relief trip to help out the latest Florida storm victims.

"I'm expecting to see a lot of blue tarps again, see a lot of the vacation that's been obliterated."

These volunteers tell us they are preparing for a tough mission which could last several weeks.

"Being able to tolerate the heat and to actually handle the suffering they see and their own physical discomfort is not going to be easy."

Despite the tough road which lies ahead, these volunteers say it's simply their turn to help.

"My father was a Red Cross Volunteer for 45 years, and in my house that was part of life. So now it's my time to do the Red Cross volunteer work. In our training here, we've learned how to take care of food vans, to pass out food."

Not easy jobs in a post storm environment, but a rewarding mission for many of these volunteers.

"The reward of knowing that you're helping people who need it the most, gives you the boost which makes the hard work possible to keep on going."

The Valdosta Red Cross disaster team is now anxiously awaiting word on when and where they will go. Volunteers say they don't mind where they go, as long as they can help.