State Investigates Price Gouging Complaints

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist says he's going to continue to find and punish anyone trying to take advantage of hurricane victims.

"With Charley we ended up with 3500 complaints, with Frances, obviously the complaints are still coming in. We're up to 1700, and we expect to hear more."

Joann Carrin, works for the Florida attorney general. She's talking about price gouging complaints.

"Right now the biggest complaints are food, water and ice. Second, is building material, like plywood. Then we have hotels and motels."

"We've already filed six lawsuits against hotels and a tree cutting company."

Not all companies may be as honest as the bridges brothers, tree service. That's why they've got some advice for potential customers.

"Always get a second opinion. Make more than one phone call to compare prices."

Often times, it may not be the local companies that customers have to worry about but instead, the ones that fly in with promises, and fly out with your money.

"It’s the fly by the night companies that come in an area, offer services and then just leave."

The cost is hefty for those who try to make an extra buck by taking advantage. It could be as high as a $25,000 fine per day.

If you think you're a victim of price gouging, call 1-800-646-0444 in Florida or 404-651-8600 in Georgia.