Taylor County Residents Opposed to Proposed Bombing Range

The Taylor County coastline is on the verge of becoming a possible practice field for the U.S. Air Force.

The Associated Press reports the military needs a new range because it's running out of space near Eglin Air Force Base. However, just the thought of having a bombing range has residents taking action.

Elizabeth Sadler, a Taylor County resident, said, "I'm certainly patriotic, but I don't think we should subject ourselves to bombs and missiles."

This group calls themselves Citizens Against the Missile Bombing Range and they're all concerned about the future of Taylor County.

Diana Langston, a Taylor County resident, said, “The military says these are big foot print weapons. I've done my research, and these are horrible weapons. I won't be able to bring my grandchildren to my home anymore.”

Residents fear a bombing range could mean exposure to toxic chemicals and a drop in their property values. For some, there is an overall fear of a bomb accidentally dropping on their home.

John Dickert, another Taylor County resident, said, “Artillery ranges, bombing ranges are dangerous. This is not something that is desirable for our county.”

This issue will be a straw ballot item for Taylor County residents on Nov. 2.

We would like to thank Ray Andrews of Taylor County for contributing to this report.