Adjustments in the Works?

For Denise Cannon, "to protect and serve" is more than just a slogan for law enforcement. She owns Rose Cleaners in Thomasville and says the Police Department has truly been there for her by being a watchful eye.

Denise says, "We had a problem during the night with a door being left opened by accident and they called us."

Unfortunately not every citizen shares Cannon's sentiment. Results from a public police survey shows eight out of 10 people believe there's poor visibility of police officers on patrol.

Thomasville’s police chief plans to address the issue of police visibility by filling vacancies in his bike and street patrol units, and with the help of the City Council plans to fund a street crimes unit.

David Huckstep says, "This is going to form a specialized unit, whether it's daytime burglary, nighttime vandalism, robbery, drug dealers on the street corner. Rather than having to pull from patrol divisions to address specific problems at times, we would have a specialized unit, a street crimes unit."

There's no question some folks already have complete faith in their police officers, but Chief Huckstep says there's always room for improvement and public opinion surveys help the department focus on the direction they need to go to carry out expectations in the future.