Not All Hope is Lost

Come December, some third grade classrooms could be short a few students because the Department of Education is mandating all districts adopt and implement a policy for mid-year promotions for third graders who couldn't tame the FCAT.

Leon County's mid-year promotion plan is included in the Pupil Progression Plan that streamlines student success. Eligible students must score a level two on the FCAT, master third grade benchmarks and beginning fourth grade benchmarks.

Principals, parents and pupils determine if a mid-year promotion is the right course of action. School leaders say in many cases it can boost a student's self esteem.

"None of us want(s) to share with a parent or student that they must stay back, so we have these things in place to boost self esteem and keep them on track."

Once a child is granted access to the fourth grade, an academic improvement plan is put in place to support the student.