Coy Evans Gets Life in Prison

The jury had to decide between life in prison or death for Coy Evans. The jury recommended a sentence of life in prison for.

It was a decision that stirred a lot of emotion in the courtroom and brings some closure to the family of SGT Green. The life of Coy Evans was spared Friday night as the jury which found him guilty of the murder of SGT Dale Green felt he should not be put to death for it.

Willie Meggs, state attorney, said, "Obviously, we felt the death penalty was the appropriate punishment and we feel the jury should have recommended that."

Those close to Evans were relieved when they heard the jury's recommendation that came after a little more than an hour of deliberation.

Meggs added, “This trial is about the death penalty and I feel like we weren't successful. They had offered to plea with everything they charged with early on."

Shortly after the recommendation was read Coy Evans got up from his seat and spoke directly to Green's widow.

Coy said, “I feel grief and I suffer from it everyday. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about what happened and I am so sorry for what happened, and I want to tell you that I am truly sorry."

A formal sentencing is set for October 4. Willie Meggs says this is just a formality.