101 Year Old Celebrates Birthday at 101 Lounge

The celebration of Wilbur Jones 101st birthday at 101 Restaurant
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By: Jossie Barroso
April 17, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - One of Tallahassee's oldest residents celebrated a milestone birthday Monday at a restaurant that bears the same name as his age.

Wilbur Jones turned 101 years old and chose to have his birthday celebration at 101 restaurant in downtown Tallahassee. The executive chef even prepared several special dishes in honor of Mr. Jones and his 101st birthday. 101 restaurant owner, Adam Corey said Wilbur's friends approached him with the idea, and Corey said he was thrilled to be a part of it.

"Once we heard about it, we kind of got our whole team together and my chef, my marketing folks, we all kind of pitched in and put together a real nice deal," said Adam Corey, the owner of 101 Restaurant. "We got balloons for him, and set up a nice table and nice booth, we put our best waiter on it, and we're excited to be of service to him."

"When I arrived here and found out it was 101, which happens to be my birthday, I was more than surprised. And have been delighted ever since in meeting the owner and the staff," said Wilbur Jones, who was celebrating his 101st birthday.

Jones was also a vital part of the landscaping and beautification of the 1-10 interchanges at both North Monroe Street and Thomasville Road and was honored for pioneering that effort earlier this year.

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