Blue Bell Creameries Focus on Georgia

One local corporation is really bringing its product close to home. The latest flavors released by Blue Bell Creameries suggest the ice cream maker has Georgia on its mind!

Blue Bell Creameries has called Thomasville home for almost two years now and they've provided jobs for folks throughout the area.

Charlie Brown, a Blue Bell employer, said, "We've got probably 29 or 30 people on board with us and half of those are in this area and the rest are in the Tallahassee area. We're opening maybe one or two new branches a year."

Blue Bell employees credit clever marketing in part for their rapid expansion throughout the Southeast including the development of "regional" flavors such as Southern Pecan Pie.

Roberts Ouzts, a Blue Bell representative, said, "The pecan pie is just like eating homemade pecan pie. It's awesome, just like granny makes!"

Managers say they're happy to put smiles on the faces of ice cream lovers throughout the south.

For anyone else who wants a piece of their pie they will continue to grow. For the summer months, Blue Bell Creameries introduced their "Georgia Peach Cobbler" strictly in the Peach State.