Getting Ready for Ivan

When it comes to this hurricane season, will three times be a charm? That's what Apalachicola residents are hoping as they focus all eyes on Hurricane Ivan's path.

Clarice Powell and her funky store are armed and ready to fight Hurricane Ivan.

"We are known for our funk in Apalachicola, so we recycle old doors, boarded up, it just kind of adds to the charm," said Powell.

The charming shop nestled in downtown Apalachicola is loaded with pricey artwork, invaluable pieces that could be destroyed if Hurricane Ivan strikes.

Similar feelings abound in a quiet fishing town, where so far luck has been good this hurricane season, but this time folks aren't banking on luck.

Rudy Ay added, "I live in Apalachicola. I don't want any part of it."

Joe Terrell, also an Apalachicola resident, added, "I'm ready; I got everything up above the water line and I'm ready to go."

The same holds true on St. George Island. Boarded beach homes scatter the waterfront where hundreds of vacationers take advantage of an unusual high surf. Still, you'll find those frightened by Ivan's trek, folks like the Ledford’s, a Carolina couple who moved to Tallahassee as Frances blew through town.

"That was scary, kind of like, should we stay or go? So we're just going to check things out," said Tris and Angie Ledford.

They are waiting, watching and wondering if and when Ivan will make landfall. If the forecast holds true the deadly storm will batter through the town in less than two days.

Forecasters say Ivan will make landfall late Tuesday or Wednesday. The hurricane already is blamed for more than 50 deaths in Barbados and Jamaica.