Red Cross Stands Guard

The American Red Cross is now preparing for strike three and hoping their funds hold out. As Ivan's track centers on the Panhandle, emergency response vehicles are heading our way.

Cars floating through flooded streets, shingles blowing off buildings, trees toppling in high winds; these are the images of Ivan's terrible wrath, images Panhandle residents hope will not be duplicated on our shores.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross is already gearing up its emergency response vehicles, preparing for strike three.

"We have ERVs in state at this point, approximately 112,114 of them, some more arriving. We're prepared at this point to shift resources as necessary to cover the Panhandle area," said Pete Montague, a local Red Cross volunteer.

"We're committed at this point regardless of the cost. We're ‘gonna make sure the assets of the Red Cross are pulled in," added Montague.

Still, the affects are costly not only in dollars, but in lives affected. Around 5,000 people remain in shelters statewide; 430,000 people are without hard line phone service and 14 south Florida counties are under boil water notices.

It's no wonder we're all hoping “Ivan the Terrible” just goes away. According to medical examiners, 23 Florida residents have lost their lives since Hurricane Charley and Frances.