Florida Panhandle Braces for Ivan

For the fourth time in a month, north Florida is getting ready just in case. At the Hometown BP and Deli in Carrabelle, Florida, plywood sits ready. It is a ritual Panhandle residents say is all too familiar.

Shirley Brannan, a clerk, says, "They put it up last week and then they took it back down, and they will put it back up when it gets closer."

Others aren’t waiting. Many had plywood up this weekend. The Ace in nearby Crawfordville ran out of the four-by-eight sheets on Sunday, but more showed up Monday morning.

Walter Roberts, the owner, said, "I’m selling all that I can get my hands on. It’s just a shortage."

A Pennsylvania crew has spent the last three weeks trimming overhanging limbs away from power lines. Residents here are aware gas was in short supply in central Florida and are filling up.

“No booming business at this grocery store; that’s because everyone in this area stocked up for Frances and still have everything left over.”

Rod Gasche stayed as Bonnie fizzled and Charley and Frances went elsewhere. Now, he’s heading for Georgia.

Like thousands across the region, Ken Anders is taking his boat to higher ground.

Ken Anders, a boat owner, says, "Most everybody I know that has their boats down here are coming down either today or tomorrow to move the boats out."

With sandbags ready, the Panhandle is bracing itself for the fourth time this season and keeping its collective fingers crossed that Ivan will stay away.

Sandbag Locations:

Mabry St. & Belle Vue Way
Georgia St. & Macomb St
Mitchell Ave. & Betton Rd
Eisenhower Pit
Division of Operations
U.S. 27 North Landing
Rachero Road
Tekesta Park
Chaires Community Park