Coast's Call

Boats are tied up tight and all is quiet at the Panacea Harbor Marina, mainly because people are watching and waiting to see where Hurricane Ivan will make landfall.

Helena Engle, a Panacea resident, says, "It's been stressful for two and a half weeks. Now, we're just over preparing because things could be worse."

With Frances barely missing the fishing village, Ivan's slow but strong approach has people on edge and business at a standstill.

Don Porter says, "[Business is] dead! Only thing moving is people taking their boats out."

Most of those people are sport fishermen and out-of-towners who feel it's better to be safe than sorry.

Brian Summers, a Georgia boater, says, “On the theory that if I get my boat it will miss here. That's what I'm hoping.”

Inside, locals take a look back, reviewing tapes of the last devastating hurricane to hit the Panhandle 20 years ago.

It's hard to envision the damage. People here hope Hurricane Elaina's destruction will act as an educational tool because seeing is believing when it comes to mother nature's wrath during hurricane season.