In Need of an Overhaul

Crossroads Academy Charter School is shaping the minds of some students in Gadsden County. The institute has implemented a no-excuse policy to ensure success of its students, but some parents say the academy may not have the leadership necessary to make the grade.

Joann Ferguson, a concerned parent, says, "By what the newspaper says that it is an F school and I thought they wanted to pull it up to an A or B school and by it not having a principal I'm wondering what direction they're going in and what's going on with the students and everything."

School officials say they're moving in a positive direction, one they hope will earn them an A grade

Millie Forehand, Executive Director, says, "The changes that were made recently is to ensure that we get there. The principal was asked to resign and I think that's a good move, because we knew earlier on that he couldn't get us there, so I think that move is a positive move to let you know we're on top of things early."

School officials say the number one goal is to help kids do well. They say they have all the tools in place to do so.

Tamara Williams, a teacher, says, "We have all of our curriculum set in place. Again, we do have a staff that is fully equipped and ready to move our students where they need to be academically."

Now, they're hoping the next move will be turning this failing school into a passing one.