City of Tallahassee and Leon County Make Hurricane Preparations

All hurricanes are unpredictable, but the Leon County Emergency Management Center has watched Ivan not follow any predicted track, and that's causing a lot of concern.

Is Tallahassee in danger of being in the path of Hurricane Ivan?

"It’s a little too early to tell, but so far as this season goes, we've experienced pretty much two tropical storms with Bonnie and Frances making landfall last week. Ivan is a Category 3 hurricane, and can cause major damage,” explains Richard Smith of Leon County EOC.

So far in the Big Bend area, only high winds and rains have gotten through, but with Ivan, that could all change.

"If it stays on track or moves closer to us, it could be the worst thing we've seen all year,” Smith says.

The City of Tallahassee and Leon County are watching the hurricane and taking cautious preparation steps just in case.

"The good news is everyone still has sand bags from the previous storms. This appears to be a very serious threat to Tallahassee,” says City of Tallahassee spokesperson Michelle Bono.

The city says it’s been fielding questions about gas lines.

"Some people have heard from the national media that turning off the gas is a good idea. All of our lines are under ground. We don't advise people to turn off their gas,” Bono advises.

"We want to talk to everyone in the Big Bend area and tell them that the forecasted track is extremely uncertain,” Smith adds.

If you have any problems with your utilities in Tallahassee, such as power outages, call 891-4YOU.

Richard Smith says if things remain the same or if Ivan gets closer, evacuations could be ordered.