Area Homeless Prepare for Tropical Weather

In fact, one local homeless shelter has seen a dramatic increase in its numbers, while resources are quickly running out.

The month of September has been unusually busy at the Tallahassee-Leon County homeless shelter.

Jerry Smith, a staff member at The Shelter, says, "People under the bridges and stuff, ones that don't usually come in, will come in.”

This month, daily occupancy has gone up some 20 percent, and not all of the occupants have been homeless.

"We've got about a dozen people from the central Florida coast who stayed with us because the motels were full, so we do get main stream people who either couldn't get a motel or who couldn't afford it,” says shelter director Mel Eby.

Eby says area homeless are well informed about approaching storms and prove it by checking in.

"They go to the library and they hear things, and they know it might be unsafe, but a lot of them stay out anyway. People who are hard core homeless people who stay in the woods; you can't get them to come out. They might come in for a sleeping bag or something, but they stay in the woods and that's they're life,” Eby says.

Eby says with the recent increase in numbers, The Shelter's supply room has taken a big hit, but as for providing meals, church groups who usually volunteer have been pretty loyal.

Eby says The Shelter is in desperate need of deodorant, paper towels and toiletries. If you would like to help, contact The Shelter at 850-224-9055.